In today’s uncertain economic climate, restructuring and redundancy are commonplace, whether as a direct result of AI and automation, the pandemic, outsourcing, or following on from M&A activity. BES has a proven track record of working with clients at such times and is able to advise clients on the practical steps that should be taken and the communication necessary to ensure the least disruption is caused to both the business and the individuals themselves. We are able to then support individuals who are directly affected by such changes.

During recent years, BES has worked with over 350 people facing redundancy. Whilst there is no legal requirement for employers in Jersey to provide Outplacement Support, it is seen as best practice and it can enhance employee engagement whilst helping the organisation’s change programme to be more successful. Many clients have already recognised that the remaining staff will appreciate the support given to their colleagues who are exiting the business and in time when the employer is recruiting again, this fact may help with their reputation in the local marketplace.

BES is accredited to use a variety of psychometric tools which can help people identify their preferences and strengths. These tools include: Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and Target Training International-Discovery Insights (TTI). These tools can be used to assist individuals with deciding on their personal and professional objectives.

BES will gain a sound understanding of the organisational issues and requirements. With a good knowledge of employment opportunities throughout Jersey and Guernsey, BES is well placed to work with people adversely affected, to identify their transferable skills. A flexible approach can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the staff concerned and this may involve assisting with developing a succinct and professional CV, applying for jobs, interview preparation, and conducting mock interviews where the individual receives constructive feedback following on from the interview. Many individuals have found the support provided by BES to be extremely helpful and it has enabled them to move forwards and secure a new role.

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